Geospatial Libya consulting

A Libyan center specializing in spatial data management

geographic information system services

spatial data infrastructure

environmental modelling

Geospatial reporting

remote sensing

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-Geographic information system solution in Physical and Environmental planning.
-Engineering Consulting& Project Management.
-Spatial Database Infrastructure Designing and Building.
-GIS Services in Organizational System Design and Architecture.
-Master Planning.
-Urban and Regional Planning.
-Map Production and Analysis (specialized for GIS Mapping organisations.
-Addressing Systems.
-Environmental modeling.


Management and implementation of geographic information systems projects

Standard Standards for Spatial Data Collection

Create and manage spatial data for organizations

Geographical information systems in detection, monitoring and city management

Show spatial data

التخطيط الحضري

Urban planning

خدمات بيئية

GIS solutions for environmental management

الخرائط وجمع البيانات الارضية

Maps and ground data collection

Our clients