Our missions are GIS projects monitoring and evaluation, the establishment/development of dedicated GIS tools, GIS services, integration of databases and GIS training.


The Geospatial Libya consulting GLC is a geo-informatics consulting firm operating in Libya. Was (established in 2019). The center fully specialized in GIS applications and services as well as remote sensing, digital maps and space images with qualified staff with more than 10 years of experience

We offer quality geo-information services using our experienced specialists to the corporate, government sectors and private businesses for sustainable development and management of resources in an economical way to our clients.  In order to acquire useful information from spatial data the GLC offer you a comprehensive range of products and services

-consulting, analysis of existing systems, requirements analysis and the implementation of geographic information systems.

-restructuring and optimization of existing systems.

-development of programs and applications based on different geographic information system organizations.

-interface design, maintenance and support
-design and development of web-based GIS technologies
-design, modeling and development of geographic databases.

-acquisition, digitizing and visualization of spatial data for analysis and planning (mapping/cartography).
-training courses for beginners and advanced users.




high standards in our relationships with all our clients





GLC team is composed of qualified and experienced Geomatics specialists, GIS application developer, Geo-marking and business model developer, Physical and human geography Planners, Information Technology and systems engineers, and web designer. To complement our core-staff, Geospatial Libya consulting has access to a pool of external consultants in both its main professional areas and bordering professions and disciplines e.g. Construction management, geographical scientists, economists and lawyers. In order to demonstrate the capability of providing excellent geo-information service to our client.

Our Vision

To be the leading continental consulting firm in the provision of quality geo-information services to every business area at all times by providing an effective and efficient client centered service.