Our goal with regard to training is to assist institutions and departments in making the most out of their investments in spatial data management, geographic information systems and remote sensing.

The center provides a set of exercises during which a large series of lessons are provided that deal with geographic information systems and related technologies, during which an introduction is provided to the rules and principles of geographic information systems, and also includes advanced techniques in analysis, and also includes management and customized solutions, and the training is targeted All employees working on the geographic information system including users, analysts, developers and systems administrators, and we can also offer additional courses and specially designed courses upon request.

  • Dealing with maps and their different types within GIS programs
  • Use and enter data and apply to the program
  • Drawing and designing from maps, aerial photographs, field lifting, or surveying and engineering works signing
  • Analyze the data, its classifications, and its various representations on maps
  • Create reports and issue interactive maps of projects
  • Google Air Pro program and how to draw and determine sites and link them to databases and transfer between it and between different programs
  • Production of maps of all kinds and with different drawing standards.
  • The work of updating old networks and maps from satellite images
  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • Geographic information system applications
  • Building Geodatabases
  • Spatial Analyst / 3D-Analyst

Specialized training courses

  • System Design
  • Arc Toolbox,
  • Remote sensing
  • Drone